Joe Rogan – Dex 2 Back Machine – Teeter

I have back pain – well I think it’s from my SI joint, at the back of my pelvis.

I get relatively bad sciatica, I stand up and can’t walk sometimes because my left leg just stops working!

During lockdown I’ve been trying to lie on my front whilst I use my laptop to stop any pressure on my lower back, piriformis muscle (which I think is inflamed) and SI joint.

Spinal Decompression might also have to be added to my lower back care protocol.

Joe Rogan Back Machine – Joe Rogan has spoken highly, many times about the Teeter Dex 2 Back machine, and how it is great for decompressing the spine.

Exercise and Use the Machine at your own risk – don’t attempt if you have high blood pressure

Teeter Dex 2 Back Decompression Machine

Inversions of any kind, seem to help my back pain.

I believe Teeter were the first company to bring out inversions boots, they have decades of experience in manufacturing back decompression equipment anyway.

The Dex 2 is pretty easy to use, you just get on it and hang!

If you want to, you can do back extension exercises whilst you’re hanging in the inversion position.

Back Pain Relief

Depending on what exactly is wrong with your back – the Teeter Dex 2 can relief the pain for hours at a time – but again, I need to emphasise, this depends on what is wrong with your back and how severe the pain is. It will also depend on how long you use the machine for!

Basically, instead of gravity forcing down on your spine and causing decompression, it is decompressing your spine. If you have a decompression issue with your back, then you should get some relief, even if it is just whilst you are on the machine.

Any inversion table should also stretch the muscles around the spine

It can release nerve pressure, so I can walk again after using the machine!

The Teeter Dex 2 is also FDA registered as an inversion table and a therapeutic device. – To be exact it is registered as a 510(k) medical device. Teeter is the only brand to have both UL safety certified and to be 510(k) registered with the FDA.

Teeter Dex 2 Vs Inversion Tables

As well as being FDA approved, the Dex also has a unique position –

The Dex 2 places you in a 90/90-degree position. This position should in turn flatten the lumbar curve for greater decompression of the lower vertebrae and stretch of surrounding muscles.

The Dex 2 also has handles which can help you to stabilise yourself, whilst further decompressing the vertebrae by pushing upwards as gravity acts downwards.

The Dex 2 is also good if you have any lower body injuries. For example, you don’t want to hang upside down from your ankles if you have a calf injury.

At the time of writing, the Dex 2 also comes with a 5 year warranty

Other Back Pain Relief Tips

  • Strengthen the core – squats and lunges etc on a BOSU or exercises on a stability ball are great
  • Use natural anti-inflammatories – Tart cherry juice, rosehip, curcumin
  • Take care of your gut – Yes – a strange tip – if you have leaky gut or digestive issues, you will get systemic inflammation, which will make your back pain worse. Try using collagen and glutamine and a probiotic supplement. Going wheat and dairy free completely changed my gut health and my life.
  • Ice Baths
  • BPC 157 ad TB 500 – see my blog post on BPC 157 here
  • Use a chin up bar and hang off it 30 secs every time you walk past – as a cheap alternative
  • Minimise sitting down & strengthen posterior chain

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Research on the effects of decompression and lower back pain and inconclusive, but if Joe Rogan says it works – I’m all in!

One study here

Anecdotes, can be complete rubbish, but still, dozens of them tend to suggest something works:

You can buy the Dex machine from Amazon

Spinal decompression with No equipment

I made a video about how to use your bed and a pillow.

  1. Lie on your front, pillow under hips and feet dangling off the bottom of the bed
  2. Place pillow on edge of bed. Kneel down and pull yourself up so knees are just dangling above the floor. Place your face down on the bed. Hold for 1 minute