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Are you looking for an MMA diet plan or information on the optimal fighter’s diet?
This free Sports Nutrition ebook / pdf has tonnes of useful information for aspiring UFC fighters and those looking to increase their recovery & performance.

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Extract from the MMA Nutrition Book

Sports Nutrition – A Complete Guide
By Drew Griffiths

Publish date:
15th February 2016

Jacob Brew
“A fantastic book, in depth, yet concise”
5 stars out of 5

Free ebook which contains a great deal of information on making weight, supplementation and ketogenic diets.

Again, just to emphasise, it’s free!

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Here’s a excerpt from the book:


Adaptogens are a group of herbs and foods that are able to offset
some of the effects of physical and mental stress on the body.
If you are struggling to recover in between training sessions, then
they are worth considering as part of your nutritional regime.

Korean Ginseng
The most famous adaptogen there are stacks of research to show
that this herb increases immune functioning and reduces fatigue.

Rhodiola Rosea
Rhodiola rosea is a flowering plant, which resides in all the
ridiculously cold regions of the world. Including Iceland, North
America, the Artic and the UK. It has been showed to reduce fatigue
and enhance mental clarity.

Also known as ‘Indian Ginseng’, this herb is a powerful antioxidant.
Studies suggest that this herb not only reduced stress and cortisol
levels, it also ‘fights’ cancer. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory,
suggesting that it will help enhance recovery.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

It won’t make a huge difference to testosterone levels but can make
you feel more vitality and perhaps help with recovery. Buy the
powder from an Asian food store, not an overpriced supplement
version. More info here.

Mucuna pruriens AKA Velvet Bean
Use sparingly, as these herb also affects dopamine levels. Taken at
night time, it also results in crazy dreams!

Ideally add zinc to your diet by consuming zinc-rich foods such as

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