Kangrui leather boxing ball Review (2018)

I was thinking of buying a Bob punch bag, but not up for paying £300, so spent £19.99 on this bad boy.

It doesn’t come with any clips or rings to connect to your punchbag bracket etc. so I had to buy these separately. I also had to buy a pump.

I have painful elbows, so I think this will be better anyway as much less impact when your punching it.

Happy with it – seems good construction etc.

Kangrui leather boxing ball Pros

  • Seems well constructed / put together
  • Everything as expected – looks, feels & acts like every other top and bottom ball I’ve used


Kangrui leather boxing ball Cons

  • Annoying if you didn’t realise that you have to buy the D-rings and pump separately


Take a look at the videos below for more detailed information.

Another potential con…the wife wasn’t happy with the way is set it up


Boxing ball9