Grab and Pull BJJ Open Blackpool 2013

IPC Wrexham

The Brady Bunch

Have to say, I wasn’t that chuffed about parting with £40 to enter the competition, but I’m really glad that I did now.

The venue was pretty awesome – the Ball Room, in the Blackpool Tower (as seen on Strictly), so I’m guessing that’s where a lot of your £40 goes.

It was well worth it, good day all round really.

Some things to note:
It’s a bit difficult to park anywhere, we ended up in the multi-storey.  Make sure you leave some time when planning your commute, for parking.

The standard is really high at blue-belt level and above. As you’d expect I suppose!

It’s difficult to get on the warm up area, it’s always really busy.  Bring some strength bands and perhaps a skipping rope, if you want to get a proper warm up.

Take a foam roller with you, if you’re going to have a long car journey

Don’t make excuses if you lose!  Just say “well done mate”and shake hands.  You look a bit of a bellend if you make up a ruck of excuses after the match.

Blue belts tend to pull guard a lot, all the white belts don’t!

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