Wrestling Ankle Pick

How to set up & Execute an Ankle Pick

The ankle pick is typically used when you have an overhook and wrist control, or a clinch and wrist control or an underhook and wrist control.

To execute the ankle pick, simply drop your level, grab the opponent’s heel and pull!

A general principle for the setup – don’t let your opponent rest! Push, pull, dummy, don’t stand and wait for the option of an ankle pick to appear!

Ankle Pick Set ups

Side Step Right – Ankle Pick to your Left

Side step and make you opponent step forwards, then pick the ankle

anklepick setup
Cael Sanderson and Ricky Lundell

Ankle Pick from Clinch & Opponent’s Wrist Control

The setups with your own wrist control, generally work when your opponent has wrist control

Use the ankle pick in combination with a Snap-Down

The ankle pick works well in combination with the snap down.

In fact, you could argue, that either the snapdown or ankle pick work well 90% of the time when wrestling.

If you attempt an ankle pick and he drops his head to avoid it – snap his head down!

Dummy for an ankle Pick – Go for a Snapdown instead

Attack the Lead Leg With Your Foot, When He/She Steps Back, Ankle Pick the Other Leg

I was a bit lucky here, as I nearly got swept:

  • Attack opponent’s lead leg with your foot
  • when opponent steps back, ankle pick the other leg

The above example isn’t ideal – he steps back twice which is a bit confusing.

Normally I’d attack the leg to my right with a feinted inner-reap attempt.
Then ankle pick the leg to my left as he steps back to avoid the reap.