BJJ Takedowns

Takedowns for BJJ


There is SO MUCH to learn in BJJ, just on the deck, that takedowns are often an after-thought.

For self defence however, takedowns are arguably the most important aspect, and if you ever compete as a white belt, a good takedown can often win you a match.

Ideally you’d do a bit of judo for gi, and wrestling for no-gi takedowns.
If you are old and knackered like me though, getting thrown around is the last thing you want.
So I’ve compiled a list of effective takedowns that you (and me), can practice and drill. You might want to invest in a crash mat though:


No-Gi Takedowns

Headsnap into double leg
See this video from 40 seconds:

Snatch Single Leg
See this video from 1 min 25

Note, for this to work, you generally, have to have your lead leg, in line with your opponent’s.  If his lead leg is his right, your lead leg needs to be your left.  You can just quickly step forward to achieve this too.


Bicep control set up for a double or single leg takedown


Shooting and reshooting for the double


– Over-under Techniques – Knee-Tap

If you’re effective with the double leg, make sure you brush up on your guillotine defense and take a look at the von-flu choke too.



– Gi Takedowns

Foot sweeps and hip/rotating throws appear to work best for the Gi.  It’s pretty difficult to shoot for a double leg once someone has hold of your top.

– Outside Foot Sweep – check out 2:20

– A shyt load of foot sweeps

– Uchi Mata

Tai oToshi


Hip throws are quite risky, but foot sweeps are definitely worth attempting in a BJJ comp.
Be careful with all the takedowns, as they are awesome for getting injured!


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