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Strength & Conditioning programs. Spelt “Training Programmes” if you are in the UK.

With 20 years of weight training experience, over 12 years experience of MMA training and a first class degree in Sport Science from the UK’s premier sports university – Loughborough…plus a Master’s Degree in Exercise & Nutrition from the University of Liverpool, you can be sure that our head Strength & Conditioning Coach – Drew Griffiths knows a few things about training programmes.

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Bodyweight Training Programme

MMA Workout

Tabata Interval Training Workouts

Strength Training Articles

5 3 1 Weight Training

Westside Training Method – Louie Simmons’ powerlifting method

Strength Training Workout System for Beginners

Reverse Hyper Machine

Functional Chest Exercises

Functional Workouts

BJJ Workout Program

Train smarter, not harder.

Consider your training goals, both primary and secondary.

For example, you may be training to build up for a fight, but you may also be looking to reduce the likelihood of injury during training as you need to work a day job.

Or you may have to do a physical job during the day, so you may wish to keep recovery and ‘not-overtraining’ a priority too.

This is where nutrition & a personalised training programme become paramount. You can’t give the same high intensity training regime to an amateur fighter, working a day job as a labourer, as you would to a professional, full time fighter.

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