MMA T-Shirts

Look like a twot for half the price of a glittery Affliction T-shirt.

Woke MMA Grappling Top

Woke MMA Grappling Top


Short sleeve grappling tops, with a choice of slogan on the back are currently £20 (+ £3.50 P & P).

As they’re all ‘one offs’ at the moment, they’re fairly expensive to produce, and there is literally no profit at this price.  I’m thinking longer term…

T-Shirt Reviews

Average Rating – 10 out of 10
Numer of reviews – 122

Reviewer – Dave Earls
Review – “This T-shirt is awesome, it attracts more clunge that a man-bun & a Porsche.”
Review date – 06/06/2016

Woke MMA T-Shirts

Price – £20.00