Over/Under Position Wrestling & MMA

The Over / Under position is very common in wrestling, especially Greco Roman.
Below both gents have an over / under body lock as they are gripping both hands together behind the opponent’s back.

over under

Techniques from the Over/Under Position

There are lots! Try and have 1 or 2 ‘go to’ techniques or you will just get confused.
Push and pull on the lat with your underhook to get the opponent off balance. You can sidestep and ‘snap down’ with a high underhook.


Here is an excellent technique using an overhook

  • – Forget your underhook
  • – Get a tight overhook
  • – Frame on the head
  • – Look for headlock


Arm Drag

If you establish a body clinch with the over /under, then it is highly effective to pull the opponent’s hips in.  

Lower your grip to the small of the back and pull in, whilst dropping your head onto the chest.

I learnt this from Backhold Wrestling in Scotland

Backhold Wrestling
The Flying Welshman