Yoga Holiday in Crete

Not really an MMA holiday as such, but if you are going on holiday with your better half, this might be a good alternative; especially if you are overtrained and need a break from all the high impact and wear & tear of MMA.

I recently went to a yoga-retreat in Crete; it was pretty awesome.  5 hours of yoga a day, vegetarian food 3 times a day, and mixing and getting to know some great people.

I also got to learn a lot about ayurvedic foods and herbs; and pranayama breathing, both of which are directly applicable to MMA.

Here’ some pics:

yoga crete


veg diet



at nearby beach


If you want longevity in virtually any sport, then yoga is definitely of great benefit.  It’s great for active recovery, core strength and personal development in general.  If you sit at a desk all day, it’s also a great way to rid the body of unwanted tension and stiffness.

With movement, foot strength and stability being the new craze in strength and conditioning at the moment, yoga is a great way to build a solid base of functional strength and flexibility.

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