Bragg – Apple Cider Vinegar – Review

This stuff is really good.

I feel a lot less lethargic since I started using it, I’ve also been able to push out an extra rep or 2 in the gym – possibly because of Apple Cider Vinegar’s ‘alkalising’ effect on the body.

There are different theories as to why this stuff is so good for you – the ‘mother’, the phytochemicals, the way in which it (allegedly) alkalises the body.  Not sure, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you feel a bit run down, or need a bit more energy and want a few weeks away from the double-expressos.

If you do feel tired, run down extra, and that’s the reason that you’re interested in this stuff, then here are few general tips…about 10 years ago I would say my energy levels were either 0 out of 10, or 1 out of 10 everyday – now I’m up to about 6 or 7 out of 10.  Most of the time!

  • Eat lots of raw, organic foods
  • Try cutting out dairy – this made a huge difference for me. It stopped me having to run to the bog every couple of hours for an emergency mega-dump, and also reduced my asthma significantly, and helped clear my sinuses.
  • Eat probiotic, fermented foods like milk kefir – or kombucha if you’re dairy free, tastes like piss though
  • Do yoga – helps with the aches and pains and the stiffness you get from working in an office
  • Saunas –

As a last resort, there’s always modafinil; that’s another blog post though…

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