Striking & Boxing Techniques

A handy directory of striking and boxing techniques to keep your MMA and boxing game up to speed. If you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, it’s always handy to have techniques arranged in this way.

How to Jab in Boxing and MMA

How to Double Jab in Boxing

How to throw a Cross punch in boxing

How to Hook in boxing

Roundhouse Kick in MMA & Muay Thai

For MMA fighters, see the rest of our directory with techniques from wrestling, Thai Boxing and submission grappling:


Thai clinch

Wrestling clinch

Overhook & overhook takedowns

Underhook & underhook Takedowns

Over/Under Position

Single Leg Takedowns

Double Leg

Submission Grappling Basic Techniques


Side Mount / Side Control

Guard Basics for BJJ

Scrambling & Framing in BJJ