Finishing a failed double leg

This can be the make-or-break of any fight or grappling match.

Instead of pulling guard, I always move to my knees when escaping side control etc, so I always end up on the bottom of another guys sprawl.

Here are some techniques and tips to finish at takedown from knees or after the guy has sprawled:

– Don’t stay on your knees if you don’t have hold of a leg.
Come up on to your feet and stick your bum in the air.
Rotate round and try and throw your arm over like your trying to grab his armpit on the far side.
This guy does something similar to this to escape an anaconda/headlock. He keep dropping his level to set up the escape. Also see 2min 30, how he isolates the underhook to control the movement and throw it past:

– If you do get hold of a leg – knee slide forward:

– Gator roll type move in case you get stuck:

– Knee slide

Drills to practice:
– Circling with bum in the air and head on the mat
– Reach over (reaching and grabbing opponent’s lat on the far side)
– Knee slide

Here are some baldies doing a few finishes to the double leg:

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