Flow State Explained

Flow state, is often described as being ‘in the zone’.

It is when a person is 100% focused on a task at hand, with no thoughts or distractions outside of this.
People perform best in this state. This state is easiest to enter into, when a task is at a level of difficulty that challenges an individual’s skill set.






How to Enter a Flow State

Flow state before training

  1. Before you begin, take 3 deep slow conscious breaths.
  2. Focus all of your attention on the present moment. The past and future don’t exist!
  3. Don’t let mind-chatter guide your mind away from the task – bring it back and be mindful of your movements.


Flow State in Work

In work or study you can try and enter flow by listening to binaural beats and using a Pomodoro timer.



Music/songs with lyrics take up too much of your ‘brain power’ to process, therefore instrumental music is better for inducing flow-state.

The timer breaks up your work into 25 minute intervals.  The 5 minute break in between intervals helps you to assess and consider other things, what else you need to be doing etc. before committing 100% to the work in front of you again for 25 minutes.



It is easier to enter flow state with practice, when there is a sense of danger, and when the activity is challenging and well matched to your current skill-set.

Meditation can help with general focus and can also help you to enter flow more readily.  Try and practice meditation for 10 minutes everyday.




Beet Juice
According to a talk at Google, Nitric Oxide helps create flow state.  Try consuming high nitrate beet juice about 2 hours before you want to enter flow state.