First BJJ Competition

Tips on entering your first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition


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Doing your first BJJ competition is pretty nerve-racking. For most people anyway.
My advice – “don’t sweat it” (sorry to use an Americanism).

It’s no big deal, 90% of people wouldn’t have the bottle to do it; and once you’re in the swing of competing, you will probably enter dozens of them. So even if you don’t do well in your first comp; it’s no big drama, just learn from it, train hard, and compete again 3 months later.

Also, see this cool quote for some inspiration:

First BJJ Competition

I enter lots of different competitions, and lose all the time. It’s great fun but also twice as awesome when you do actually win something.


Some other quick tips:

– Don’t make any excuses if you lose; you’ll just come across like a bellend

– Don’t wait til ‘you’re ready’ to compete.  If you’ve been training for 6 months+, you’re probably good to go. You’ll never feel 100% ready, as you’ll constantly improve

– Have a preset warm up routine, and make a check list a few days before of what you need to take.

Example Check List
– Foam Roller
– Gi
– Rash guard
– gum shield
– groin guard/box
– knee pads
– Strength bands/thera-band for warming up
– Water
– snacks e.g. banana
– Money for petrol and change for parking
– Remember to cut your finger nails

Example warm up (do about 30 mins before you compete if possible)
– 20 hindu squats
– 10 press ups
– 10 sit throughs
– 10 ‘stand up techniques’
– 10 hip bridges
– 10 sumo squats
– 5 sprawls
– 20 arm circles
– leg swings and hip mobilisation exercises

With partner (10 min before you compete)
– Pummel x 30 secs
– double legs x 6
– arm drags x 6

– If possible, wear a few layers to keep warm.
I believe that this advice is the total opposite of what Marcelo Garcia does; I’m told he just takes a nap before competing!
It is proven that you are significantly more explosive and less prone to injury when your muscle are warm though

Good luck in your competition 🙂


Written by Drew Griffiths


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