Easy Takedowns

These are my favourite simple takedowns.

Grip-Switch Takedown

  • Start with your left foot forward and your right hand in a wrestling clinch/tie up on your opponent/partner. Snap his head down slightly.
  • Step Forwards with your right foot and switch your grip so that the left hand now has the clinch
  • You can now grab the waist or leg of your opponent OR
  • You can go for a headlock when the opponent sprawls back to stop you capturing the leg

The technique begins instantly at the start of this video – you really need to view at 0.25 speed to see the ‘grip-switch’


1-2 Takedown

  • Hook or sweep (lightly) your opponents lead leg
  • He will normally step back to avoid the trip
  • Ankle pick his other foot/ankle which will now be in front


Basic Head-Snap

  • Wrestling Clinch
  • Push into partner
  • Snap his head down into a headlock