Raised Spirit Organic CBD Coconut Oil

As a wannabe yogi, stoic & former ‘mixed martial artist’ (I use that term loosely!) I was very pleased to be contacted by mixed martial artist Nick Osipczak. As an MMA fighter who is also into spirituality, it was nice to be in touch with a similar guy.

Superior Cannabinoid Absorption

Nick kindly sent me some of his organic CBD coconut oil to try out & I must say that I was very impressed with it. CBD is fat soluble and therefore more potent/bioavailable when combined with coconut oil.

cbd coconut oil

The CBD Coconut oil is the ideal replacement for butter, so it’s great on toast! I decided to throw some of mine in my evening smoothie though (after trying a bit on its own beforehand).

The main effect that I felt within 30 minutes was relaxation

Having just spent 8 hours at my desk & 2 hours commuting to & from work, I had one of my ‘normal’ headaches with a stiff neck. This soon disappeared though!

The taste is also pretty good; ‘earthy’ might be the best way to describe it.

Other great points about this product include:

  • 100% organic
  • Made by hand
  • Full spectrum cannabinoids
  • Infused in coconut oil (best way to take it)
  • Made in England
  • 3rd party lab tested so athletes and other professionals who get drug tested can be 100% it is safe (contains no THC)

You can buy this product from Nick’s website here.

Highly recommended!