MMA Combinations

MMA Combos for Beginners

MMA Combos to Practise

– Described as from Orthodox Stance

  • Drop Level/Dummy Takedown (by looking down & squatting down quickly), inside leg kick, overhand right, left casting punch
  • Throw a ‘feeler jab, lay-back, right cross, switch-step left cross, left low-kick
  • Lead Sidekick, superman jab, right front kick
  • Double jab, double leg takedown
  • Sprawl, double leg takedown, run the pipe






MMA Striking Combinations

  • Right cross, left hook, right cross, left hook, right cross, left hook



  • Right Cross, Left Hook, Right Roundhouse


  • Right cross, left hook, left roundhouse, right cross, left hook, right roundhouse