To contact me or submit an infographic please email “drewgriffiths at”

I’m also happy to do reviews. But will always give an honest opinion.

I accept guest posts, if they’re really good!

Posts I’m currently looking for:

  • Overview of Turkey Tail Mushrooms
  • A guide to the Back Squat
  • A guide to the Front Squat
  • A Guide to the Power Clean (Olympic Lift)
  • A Guide to the Snatch (Olympic Lift)
  • A Guide to Plyometrics for MMA

Posts must be at least 1,000 words and high quality. They are free, with a link in the bio (do-follow)

email me if that sounds good:

drewgriffiths at

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Hello

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  2. Darren Jude says:

    Hi, i hope you are well.
    I have just seen your video on YouTube about the tens used for vagus nerve stimulation.
    Do you have any model in particular that you recommend and are there any specific thing’s i need to look out for when I’m buying one.
    I think the information was fantastic and keen to give it a go.

    • Drew says:

      Hi Darren, I’m not sure of the model, It was around 25 pound off amazon. I don’t think the model matters too much, as long as it does what it says!

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