Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a cult?


God = Rickson Gracie
Jesus = Roger Gracie
Preacher = local instructor

All make rucks of money out of students/worshipers

1. Do you worship idols?
2. Do you spend illogical amounts of time training, and talking about BJJ?
3. Do you try and convince everyone how great BJJ is?
4. Have you been brainwashed into thinking that sport-BJJ is an effective martial art?
5. Do you spend lots of money following your idols?
6. Is there a stone-masons style hierarchy within the system?
7. Is your instructor a flawless preacher and all-knowing-being?


“The hunger to learn and train Jiu Jitsu is a natural and beautiful aspect of training.

However, I have personally seen instructors use this to their advantage, furthering their personal agendas on and off the mat. I’ve witnessed adults become so psychologically controlled by their instructor that they would go to great lengths to satisfy their teachers’ requests”


“Here’s the thing, though. There are a lot of people out there who literally hate BJJ for that exact reason: they’re tired of the BJJ hype and skeptical of anyone on the bandwagon. And they’re especially tired of cocky BJJ practitioners who look down their nose at every other style.

That’s actually understandable. No matter what the topic, one arrogant, self-assured, opinionated jerkface is all it takes to turn a potential recruit into a bitter opponent. BJJ could be the way to world peace and complete inner happiness (seriously!), but if we tell people they’re stupid for liking tai-chi instead then serve them jiu-jitsu in a crap sandwich, they’re not going to want it.”


I love BJJ but people seem to treat it like a weird religion, and become 100% obsessed. I’ve even had people email me just to tell me they tapped someone; in training.  Cheers for telling me humble Jits dude, I’d be more impressed if you weren’t a bellend though to be honest.

Training is training, with team-mates. You try new techniques and put yourself in bad positions on purpose in order to improve. It’s not competition, unless you’re a dick.

Fighting on the floor is madness in a self-defence situation; at best you’ll be on a concrete floor in a T-shirt, at worst you’ll be indoors, in a pub, with loads of chavs ready to put the boot in. It’s good for a back-up, but it’s weird how people have convinced themselves that it’s the greatest martial art style ever. Probably because they’ve invested so much time and money into it.

BJJ came out of judo, it’s not some super-power from out of space.

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