Tim Tam Massager Vs Theragun

More and more physical therapists, doctors, strength coaches and trainers have been recommending massage to their patients and clients in recent years. Several scientific studies (example here) have shown that massage is rather effective in reducing or relieving pain, stiffness and soreness in muscles, joints and tissues. Some experts have suggested that massage may also help to reduce, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and other conditions.

Massage used to be something that was only available in high-end salons or luxury spas. Nowadays you can massage your aching muscles and joints any time you want.  There are thousands of licensed massage therapists that have years of extensive training and practice in manipulating muscles, ligaments and tendons to relieve pressure and treat injuries. There is also a wide variety of massagers that you can buy at your local retail stores or online.

Here, we’ll take an in-depth look at two of the most popular massage products on the market today: the Tim Tam Massager and Theragun. 

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Tim Tam Power Massager:

Tim Tam Power Massager v1.5 is a hand-held massager that you can take with you wherever you go. The unit is lightweight enough to fit in any size travel bag. Its threaded retractable shaft adjusts quickly so that you can reach many major muscle groups with ease. 

This unit packs a lot of power! Up to 2000 strokes per minute are delivered, depending on the pressure setting. It works very well at attacking pressure points and helping to relieve pain and stress almost instantly. You don’t need to apply pressure on one certain area or another for more than a few minutes at a time. The unit head rotates 90 degrees so that it can target many areas in a single sitting. 

One drawback is that this particular model is a bit louder than other similar products on the market. However, its effectiveness makes this negative something that most users can easily overlook. You may want to wear headphones while using this particular model if the noise level is an issue. 

The Tim Tam Massager v1.5 is great for loosening sore or stiff muscles in your back or upper trapezoidal area. It may require repeated uses, but the small unit is powerful enough to release pressure and reduce pain faster than many other conventional massage products and practices. It also works very well on forearms, shoulders, calves, glutes, hamstrings and hips. One of the few products of its kind that is effective in multiple areas of the body (I’ve personally found it to work wonders on my right calf muscle which is full of knots from soccer & rugby – this in turn helped with my knee).

While this product’s power is impressive, the option of using either heated or cold settings is a nice touch. You can select one setting for all the areas you are targeting, or you can alternate between hot and cold, depending on your personal preferences and the type of pain or discomfort you are experiencing. No other similar devices offer this feature. 

This particular model also comes with a 12 volt lithium ion battery and charger. The massage unit has 30 minutes of battery life. This shouldn’t be a concern for most users, who will probably use the machine for a few minutes at a time to target problem areas. The charging unit is a standalone unit, and you can also buy additional backup batteries. This is a nice option for people who are always on the go and want to take the massager with them every time they work out or play sports. 

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This product also comes with a sturdy carrying case at no extra charge. It also comes with the following three attachments:

1. Flat metal warmup tip. This attachment works well for a nice general massage. It applies just enough pressure to get to the root of the problem, but is not invasive enough to cause pain or discomfort. It’s a nice balance between softer and harder attachments. 

2. Standard round ball tip. The ball-shaped tip is standard in most Tim Tam massagers. It works well in almost any area you can reach. You can adjust the pressure settings if you need a little deeper massage, or dial it down a notch if you just need a relaxing massage after a strenuous workout. 

3. Pointed metal trigger tip. This tip is designed to feel like the bottom of your thumb. It replicates the sensations and pressure applied by a massage therapist when they are conducting a deep tissue massage to attack stubborn tightness and stiffness. 

There are also additional massager attachments that you can buy:

1. Recovery blade This attachment works wonders in addressing specific problem areas. If you are dealing with a lingering injury or consistent problems in your back, glutes or calves, the recovery tip should more than pay for itself in a rather short amount of time. It concentrates the unit’s power into prodding deeper into the tendons and tissues to provide greater overall relief. 

2. Hot and cold tip attachments. You can also buy a set of two hot and two cold tips for this model. They are a unique option that makes the Tim Tam massager unique. Applying gentle heat or cold is sometimes exactly what certain muscles and tissues need most when they have been overused or overworked recently. 

The Tim Tam Massager v1.5 retails for $199.99. This price is for the basic unit, which includes the massage gun, carrying case, battery, battery charger and three standard attachment tips. Additional batteries and attachments are sold seperately, but are still moderately priced enough so as not to break your bank. It’s easy to use right out of the box, and provides relief much faster than you would expect by having to call and book a traditional massage appointment.

This particular model is one of the best-reviewed products that you can buy. Thousands of people have already ordered this massage gun and have reaped the many benefits that it provides. It helps to reduce and relieve stress and pain so that you can go about your busy day in comfort and get a more restful sleep at night as well. 

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Theragun another popular portable massage product. It has been advertised heavily on television, the Internet and other marketing channels. It has also been endorsed by popular athletes and celebrities. It has a lot of hype surrounding it, so here’s some of the details on what it all includes and how effective it really is:

The product is billed as using “percussive therapy” to relieve aches and pains. It operates on the same principle as a jackhammer used in construction (in terms of the engineering, not in terms of the desired outcome!). The repetitive motion of the attachments work to attack problem areas aggressively until the point is reached when the sore muscles and joints are relaxed. 

Percussive therapy has plenty of positive effects. It helps to loosen knotted muscles, increase and improve blood flow and reduce muscle inflammation. It has also been used by fitness experts to help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. This kind of soreness typically happens about a day or two after a rigorous workout session. It’s more noticeable when you haven’t worked out in a while, have increased your reps or have been using specific muscles more frequently than others. 

Many Theragun users alternate between the two speed settings to achieve the results they want. The unit isn’t quite as loud as the Tam Tam massager. That fact makes it a popular choice to be used at the gym or fitness center, hotel or other areas for people who are on the road. It still makes noise, but is just less noticeable. You may also want to opt for either noise-canceling headphones or plug in some music or a good movie, TV show or audiobook on your headphones while using the Theragun. 

The G3 Theragun retails for $399.00. This includes the massage gun, travel case, power adapter and four attachments. It also includes access to the online Theragun app. There is also a $599.00 Theragun G3 Pro package that includes all of the items listed before plus two additional attachments, 2 lithium ion batteries, a battery charger and an attachment pouch. 

Theragun offers relief at two settings: sensitive at 29 pounds per second and standard at 40 pounds per second. While this isn’t nearly as powerful as the Tim Tam Massager, it can be beneficial for people who just need a concentrated massage to help heal tight back muscles or ease some discomfort caused by strain or injury. 

Theragun G3 comes with a built-in battery that runs for 60 minutes. Replacement batteries can be purchased for less than $50 at a variety of retailers. The G3 Pro comes with 2 interchangeable batteries. Each battery lasts for 75 minutes, and the unit also comes with a battery charger.  

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The Theragun G3 model comes with four attachment tips: 

1. Standard ball. This is pretty much the same as the standard ball attachment for the Tam Tam massager. It does a good job at relieving pressure in most problem areas. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. 

2. Cone. The basic and pro models come with this attachment, and additional cone attachments can be purchased on Theragun’s website. This particular attachment is effective for deep tissue therapy. It works in hard to reach places and areas where more therapy is needed. Just a few minutes at a time can help to untighten knots and ease muscle and joint stiffness and pain. 

3. Thumb. This attachment is also similar to the same kind of attachment included in the Tam Tam massager. This attachment replicates the bottom part of a thumb and is used for more concentrated work. Most users add this attachment when they are dealing with back or hip stiffness and soreness. 

4. Dampener. The dampener attachment is a lot softer than the other attachments. It’s ideal for areas of the body that need less pressure. It provides a gentle massage to ease sensitive muscles and tendons a few minutes at a time. 

The G3 Pro comes with these attachments and a couple more:

5. Wedge. The wedge attachment was created for use on the shoulder blades and hip and thigh muscles. It mimics many of the techniques used in Grasston massage. If you are experiencing issues with scar tissue or healing from an injury, this attachment can work wonders towards aiding in your recovery and healing time. 

6. Large ball. This tip is obviously bigger than the standard ball attachment, and is best used in targeting larger muscle groups. Using this attachment on your quads or hamstrings after an invigorating workout can help to relieve tension almost instantly. 

Both models of the Theragun are able to be set in four different positions. They don’t rotate much, but are tailored for working specific areas of the body at different times. Choosing a setting and applying the necessary pressure is the basis behind the Theragun’s function. Just be warned that the adjustable switching arm can sometimes make changiong from one position to another more difficult than it should be. It’s not a serious issue, but can take a bit more time than most massage gun users are used to. 

Tam Tam massager pros:

1. Price. At under $200, you get a lot of bang for your buck! The unit provides several settings and includes multiple attachments specifically designed for different problem areas. 

2. Hot or cold massage options. It may cost a little more, but the heat or cold massage attachment tips can be very well worth the expense. You get to choose if you want to apply heat to inflammed joints and muscles or if you just want to have a nice cooling massage after a busy day. No other major manufacturer offers this option. 

Tam Tam massager cons:

1. Noise. This is one of the loudest massage guns on the market. There’s no real way to dampen the sound, and it can be rather distracting when used in public places. 

2. Battery life. 30 minutes of battery life may not be enough for people who plan on using this product a lot. The battery is rechargeable, however, and there are additional backup batteries for purchase that you can swap out while you’re waiting for one to charge.

Theragun pros:

1. Percussive therapy. Theragun is an industry leader in percussive therapy, also referred to as vibration therapy. The rapid jackhammer-like motion of the interchangeable massage gun attachments attack pressure points, loosen knots and help to soothe skin quickly. 

2. Ease of use. Both Theragun models are very simple to use. You can start operating it right out of the box, and start feeling relief in just minutes.There’s no complicated instructions to read and you don’t have to set anything up. They also have a convenient online app with plenty of advice and online assistance. 

Theragun cons:

1. Price. At $399 and up, depending on which model you choose, the Theragun is one of the most expensive massage therapy products on the market. If you don’t plan on using it much, it may not be worth the investment.Other products could do the job just as well for a lot less money. 

2. Limited positioning. One limitation of the Theragun is that there are only four preset positions that it can be moved in. You can’t rotate the unit head for better overall coverage. You have to place the product exactly where you want it and make sure that you have the right setting selected. 

Both companies’ products work well at relieving pain and providing relief to sore muscles, skin, joints and tendons. Each of them work with different principles in mind. The product you choose should depend on your own individual wants and needs. Whatever you decide, buying a hand-held massager that lets you feel better and reduces your recovery time should be the ultimate goals. 

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