Boxing Combinations · pdf · [2022]

Boxing Combinations

Below is a list of boxing combinations that you can use to practice on the bag, pads or in sparring.

Be aware, that it’s pretty difficult to land 3 or 4 punch combinations against a decent opponent. You’ll generally be using the 1 or 2 punch combinations the majority of the time, throwing more when the opponent is tired or stunned by a jab.

Basic Boxing Combinations

– Jab

– Double jab

– Jab, Cross


Intermediate Boxing Combinations

– Double Jab, Cross

– Jab, Cross, Hook

– Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut

jab, cross, hook, uppercut

jab, cross, hook, uppercut

– Right uppercut, Left hook

– Right uppercut, Left hook, right cross

– Jab, Cross to the body, Left hook to the head

Advanced Boxing Combinations

– Double jab, pivot 45° clockwise, right uppercut, left hook
See 1:40 for a demo:

– Padman throws jab – Parry with right hand, throw cross with right hand

– Jab to the body, Overhand right

– Padman throws jab —> slip jab (move head slightly to the right), right uppercut, left hook

Download the Boxing Combinations pdf below:

Click to access boxing-combinations.pdf

Kickboxing / Thai boxing Combinations

– Double jab, Right Front Kick

– Jab, Inside leg kick (left roundhouse)

– Inside leg kick, left roundhouse to the body

– Left side kick, Overhand right

– Side kick, Spinning elbow or backfist

– Jab, Cross, Left hook, right roundhouse

– Right roundhouse, Overhand left

– Rotate and dummy a spinning kick, throw a roundhouse to the head
kinda like this Tornado kick, but place your right foot on the floor instead of completing the roundhouse totally in mid-air:
Tornado kick

– Check padman’s leg kick, Cross, hook, right roundhouse

– Grab padman’s front kick/teep, spinning back fist

MMA Combinations

– Double jab into a double leg takedown

– Jab, Cross, Right knee, sprawl, double leg

– Left front kick, Double leg takedown

– Defend takedown by using underhooks and rotating 180 degrees – cross, hook, right roundhouse

– Jab, cross, jab (walking forwards with each punch, double leg takedown

– headsnap, double leg takedown, guard pass, maintain side control
See 47 secs in for a headsnap example:

– Jab, snatch single (step forwards with back leg to grab a single leg), run the pipe takedown, pass guard, mount, arm triangle

Boxing Combinations – demo on the punch bag

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