The Reverse Hyper Machine – AKA “The Joe Rogan Back Machine”

Touted by Joe Rogan as awesome for back injuries, the reverse hyper machine is said to work by decompressing the spine and the intervertebral discs, therefore providing a way to rehab an injured back and reduce muscle-tightness.

It is also used to develop the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. In the UK the machine can be purchased from strengthshop.

The machine is said to both relieve pressure in the lower back and increase blood circulation to the area. The inventor is the famous Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell.

It’s a great way to train your lower back without loading it with weight and risking injury caused by compression.

Many people see the reverse hyper and have no idea how to use it! Louie invented the machine to heal his back after a number of series of injuries. It not only worked for rehab – he went out to set a number of powerlifting records.

How to Use the Reverse Hyper Machine

  • Step into the straps/pads
  • Place you belly & chest on the platform
  • Hold onto the handles & keep your back flat
  • Keeping your head & upper body still & legs straight bring your feet upwards
  • Try and get your feet to swing under the platform/your body as much as possible
  • Control the weight & try and pause at the top of the movement to avoid injury

Interesting to see a doctor/physio’s explanation of the mechanics in this video below:



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