When to Engage your Brain – Neo Vs Paleomammalian

John Lewis and Brainwashing 

If you don’t know what I’m on about with the neo and paleomammalian brain/limbic system, take a look here. The Triune brain is a partially debunked explanation and categorisation of the evolutionary parts of the brain.  Despite the debunking, for a neuro-layman like myself it’s the easiest reference.

When it comes to having fun, enjoying yourself, then engage your limbic system or paleomammalian brain.  Don’t question things, just enjoy them. There doesn’t have to be a logical explanation or motivation to things.

When it comes to money, finances, and marketing, engage your neomammalian brain.  Be as cynical as possible. Marketeers will do their best to play on different emotions of the limbic system to manipulate you. Usually via insecurities of some sort.

This pile of nauseating shyte for example, you should be cynical about:

The way I see it – young kid, has issues that he is demonstrating vicariously through an imaginary friend that he’s invented because he so lonely. He’s lonely because his Dad works all day and night to pay for his Mum’s shopping bill from John Lewis


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