MMA Punching Bag Workout for Beginners [2022]

If you want to get fit for MMA – then you must “do” MMA*

Whilst sparring is necessary for fighters to get accumstomed with the intensity of a fight and the rush of adrenaline, hitting a punch bag is one of the best ways to build MMA specific cardiovascular fitness.

There are a few ways in which you can approach MMA punch bag workouts

  • Do the same combinations for 10 reps
  • Listen to audio that shouts out combinations
  • “Shadow Box” the bag, using various techniques and combinations
freestanding punch bag

MMA Punching Bag Workout 1

This workout involves do the same combination 10 times – without any rest in between.

After you’ve completed 10 reps, then rest for a minute before moving onto the next combination

You can do the first 3 or 4 combinations nice and light and then hit harder as you work up to the 10th rep.

  • Jab, Cross, Hook – Sprawl – Front Kick
In the video I’m using pads, but it’s also a great MMA combination on a heavy bag

  • Jab, Cross, Hook, roundhouse x 10

  • Jab, Cross, Hook – Sprawl – Double Leg Shoot x 10

  • Cross, hook, right low kick x 10

Other combinations that work great on the bag include:

  • Cross, Hook, Cross – Sprawl – roundhouse
  • Jab – roundhouse – cross, hook, cross
  • Jab, cross, hook, cross – front kick – clinch and knees

Example MMA bag workout

Jab, cross, hook, cross10
Jab, cross, hook, sprawl, double leg10
Jab, cross, hook, sprawl, front kick10
Jab, cross, hook, cross, front kick15

MMA Punchbag Workout 2 – Listening to MMA Combinations Called Out

Get the Bas Rutten MMA Workouts on Youtube – and follow along on the punch bag

When he shouts “one” – it means jab, “Two” means cross, “Three” means hook.

For a full explanation of the Bas Rutten combinations – see my article here.

Or watch the video below:

MMA Punch Bag Workout 3 “Shadow Boxing” on the Punch Bag

Once you’re accustomed to the combinations, you can freestyle your workouts. Just get an app or a timer for 3 or 4 minute rounds with a rest interval.

*SAID Principle – Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands

mma infographic

How To Punch in Boxing

For technical information on how to punch, check out our guides below:

How to Jab in Boxing

How to throw a Cross in Boxing

How to throw a Hook in boxing

If you are wondering how to throw a kick in Muay Thai or MMA – see our guide below:

How to throw a roundhouse kick in MMA

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