Quick Bodybuilding Routine – at home (no equipment)

Get hench in 5

There is some research (study here) suggesting that 1 set per body part is as effective for strength gains, as 3 sets.

Make sure that you warm up – get a sweat on

Do each set with perfect technique – fail between 6 and 12 reps. If you can do 12 reps easily, you need to increase resistance

The Griffiths Quick Bodybuilding Protocol

Warm up – 30 bodyweight squats, 30 arm circles, 2 warm up sets with light weight

Shoulder Bodybuilding Workout

Equipment – resistance bands, wrist weight

1 set – standard shoulder press x max reps

1 set – negative reps x max reps

1 set – explosive squats and press x 12 reps

Chest Bodybuilding Workout

Warm up

1 set of press ups x max reps (use Hindu press ups when you can do 25 normal press ups easily)

1 set of plyometric clap press ups x 6 reps

Back Bodybuilding workout

1 set of chin ups x max reps

1 set of negative chin ups x 8 reps

1 set of explosive chin ups x 8 reps

Quick Leg Workout

Warm up – 20 bodyweight squats

1 set – Single Leg Squats (use a support such as a putting your hand on a table to begin)

1 set – explosive jumping lunges

tabata workout - lunges

Be very careful with single leg squats, if you lose balance you can injure yourself easily. Try Split squats or just bodyweight squats if you want to minimise the risk of injury

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