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How to do Hot Yoga at Home (With Pictures)

With the help of a bath, you can do hot yoga at home. You don’t need a heater for hot yoga, or a tent. Although I am a fan of the infrared sauna blankets to get heat ‘deep’ into the … Continue reading

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Quick Bodybuilding Routine – at home (no equipment)

Get hench in 5 There is some research (study here) suggesting that 1 set per body part is as effective for strength gains, as 3 sets. Make sure that you warm up – get a sweat on Do each set … Continue reading

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Boxing Tips for Beginners (from home)

made a video about with some pointers when drilling and practising shadow boxing at home, during covid. Throw Boxing-Feints Don’t pass out, instead twitch your shoulders as if you’re about to throw a punch. Practice shadow boxing, and ‘pretending’ to … Continue reading

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Grappling Power Program Pdf (2021)

Explosive power is really important for successful grappling, especially in no gi. You can literally power out (or into) most positions and submissions if you have explosive hips and legs. Get explosive hips for superior grappling performance – scroll down … Continue reading

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Best Free Standing Punch Bags for Adults – 6ft (Amazon)

Thought I’d do some research on Freestanding punchbags for adults and wack the results together into some tables. All statistics correct at the time of writing. It was surprisingly hard to find many standing punchbags on Amazon.com These are the … Continue reading

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How to Use BPC 157 and TB500

BPC 157 is a chain of amino acids. I believe its found in gastric juice. Lovely. It is used for any problems related to inflammation and can help repair tendons and ligaments. It’s popular in the mma and crossfit communities. … Continue reading

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muay thai stretching routine (.pdf)

Daily Stretching Routine for Muay Thai pdf can be downloaded near the bottom… To build dynamic flexibility, you will need to stretch dynamically with ballistic stretches such as leg swings. Note that the risk of injury is quite high when … Continue reading

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Foods & Supplements to Boost Energy Levels

I have 2 kids, 1 is teething, it’s quite hard work. I only work 4 days a week now but the 3 days off are the hardest! Anyway, moaning over, here’s some solutions that I’ve found CONSULT A DOCTOR BEFORE … Continue reading

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Tips on Getting Fit at Home in 2021

Don’t procrastinate – grab a notepad now or open a Google Doc and take some notes Get a Specific Plan Write down 2 reasons Why? you want to get into shape. Be as specific as possible – to have more … Continue reading

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Yoga Poses – Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend

Make sure that you are putting equal weight on each glute / sit bone Normal people with sitting or sedentary job get a pelvis with an incorrect tilt, causing a exaggerated curve in the spine. This pelvis issue causes a … Continue reading

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