Land Mine Attachments – Buyers Guide [2022]

Land mines – the ones you find in the gym – are a highly versatile bit of equipment. Once they’ve had a barbell attached to them anyway. You can do all types of exercises with them including kneeling bicep curls, all types of core work and functional exercises for MMA & Boxing. You can also attach a light resistance band to them for progressive strength – which is great for punching related exercises.

In this guide, we will take a look at some of the best landmine attachments.

Rogue Landmine Attachment (Base)

This Rogue landmine attachment, provides a base to secure the barbell to the floor.

It arrives completely assembled and is made from heavy duty steel.

You need two 45lb bumper plates if you don’t have a Rogue Rack.

You can swivel the barbell side to side as well as up and down.

If your home gym doesn’t have much room, you can use a 60 inch barbell, rather than a 70 inch one, as long as it has the circumference / thickness of an Olympic barbell.

Rogue Monster Landmine 2.0

You can’t really go wrong with Rogue.

This landmine attachment requires a power cage or rack with 1 inch holes.

It attaches using a hand screw, which can be easily removed and reattached if you want to place it somewhere else.

The thing also looks amazing, with a black zinc covering in some places, nice knurling and two bronze bushings.

The only downside, is that it is relatively pricey.

Viking Press Landmine Attachment (Handle)

Built to be used at the ‘handle-end’ of the barbell. This landmine attachment, is touted as an excellent choice for those looking to perform RDL (Romanian Deadlifts) and Overhead Presses.

Yes4All Amazon Landmine Attachment (Base)

Made from metal with no plastic parts or cheap, flimsy elements, you just need to secure the barbell in the sleeve and the screw in comes with to set everything up.

Like most landmine bases/sleeves, you’ll want to secure it in place with 2 x 45lbs weight plates (or 20kg plates if you live in Europe).

The attachment fits 1 and 2 inch Olympic bars, allows full 360 degrees swivel and is simple to setup.

The reviews on Amazon uk are really good too – at the time of writing an average of 5 stars from over 400 reviews. At the time of writing it costs £44.

On Amazon US it has over 2,000 reviews with an average of 5 stars.

Titan Landmine Attachment (Base)

This landmine attachment attaches to a rack/power cage.

It’s a relatively affordable landmine base attachment, costing around $40

Great for up and down vertical movements like squats and pressing exercises

The negative thing about this landmine attachment, is that you can’t swivel or do any lateral movements.

***It looks like this landmine attachment has been updated recently, but it’s not clear if you can now use it to swivel and rotate

Landmine Attachment Hacks

Hacks used at your own risk!

Tennis Ball Landmine Attachment

Simply cut a slice in one side of the ball and insert the end of the barbell. You can now jam the tennis ball end of the barbell into the corner of the room or corner of a rack:

Bag and a Kitchen Roll Holder Landmine Hack

these hacks for the base won’t work well for some exercises, especially with heavier weights. We really recommend you invest in a custom made ba.

Another tip or hack – at your own risk – you can use some cables machine handles and attachments on the barbell when using a landmine base.

For example, to do T-bar rows, some people use a V-Handle for a cables machine.

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