Parnter Drills/Circuit for Grappling Technique & Fitness (10 mins)

To do this circuit, you’ll need a timer – the one below is 40 second intervals, with 10 second rest in between:

Partner 1 does the circuit first, completes all the exercises, before swapping.

  1. Arm drags – right arm, then left arm – repeat for full round/40 seconds
  2. Duck unders
  3. Mount escapes
  4. Side control escapes – to guard or to a takedown/reversal
  5. Single legs – start in collar tie and snatch the leg – don’t complete takedown, repeat on the other leg
  6. Russian arm snap-down*
  7. Collar tie counter
  8. Pummel – partner resists 50% for greco pummel. Active partner executes double unders, or pinch headlock every 5 seconds or so
  9. Over/under – start in over/under position. Active partner executes a wizzer throw, high underhook to kneetap** or other over/under technique.
  10. Guillotines from guard – active partner in guard, performs guillotine until partner taps. then repeat other side. continue for full round
  11. Standing guillotine defence – Active partner drills escapes to standing guillotine.
  12. Electric chair half guard sweep – do 4 sweeps one side, then swap sides.
  13. Sit throughs – from a “sprawled on” position, perform a sit through and take the back. Restart. (as this is the last exercise and takes ages to reset, aim for 6 reps).

*Russian Snap Down by Islam:

Collar tie counter example:

Duck Unders^

Arm drags^ (just take the back and then restart)

Electric Chair Half Guard Sweep^ stop just before you end up on top, & go back to start position & repeat

If you want to make this a fitness circuit as well as a technical one – add 10 squats, burpees and/or press ups in between rounds

Duck under image via –


  • 3 strikes for 3 – boxing or thai boxing, fighter 1 does a 3 punch combo, fighter 2 blocks, then IMMEDIATELY throws his own 3 strike combo. Back and forth for 1 minute x 2 rounds.
  • On and off the wall – over/under position, fighter 1 resists 30% as fighter 2, who’s back is against the wall, reverses the position – go back and orthodox for 2 minutes
  • Tabata timer on pads – do 1 combination, 100% effort for 20 seconds. Tabata timer is 20 second rounds x 8 with a 10 second rest between each round. You can use the same combination for all 8 rounds or mix it up.
  • Grappling rechnique circuit – see above

Technique Exercises Using a Kettlebell or Dumbbells

This is a work in progress, will add new ones when I think of them or see new drills!

  • Snatch single holding 1 bell – dummy grabbing partner’s left and right leg, drop level and reach out whilst holding a bell (kettle or dumb)
  • Pummel with 2 bells – kinda looks like your doing really bad bicep curls
  • Duck unders with 2 bells – lift your left elbow up, ‘pull down’ with right hand and duck under. Turn around and repeat. Switch sides after 10 reps. (possibly better to use a band with attachment point if u have one)
  • Medicine ball Uchi Mata Slams

Also, wanna drill this —>

Medicine Ball Slams

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