Joe Rogan Experience #901 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick – Broccoli sprouts, glucoraphanin & sulforaphane

Inflammation Can Cause Depression

In studies whereby inflammation was induced with an injection of inflammatory cytokines, people with ‘normal levels’ of wellbeing and happiness, began to feel depressed.

The depression tended to be offset by consuming large amounts of omega 3 (2g of EPA), which has strong anti inflammatory properties.

Garlic Rules

Eating garlic with fish such as tuna, can help alleviate / get rid of the mercury contained in the fish.

Remember to chop garlic around 20 mins before eating it to activate allicin.

Mercury is contained in higher concentrations, in larger fish which are higher up in the food chain. For example sword fish, shark, etc contains high levels of mercury.

Broccoli sprouts

Are very good for you because of the sulforaphane content. Sulforaphane forms when the vegetable is crushed or chopped.


Sulforaphane is contained in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts or cabbages.

Broccoli sprouts contain the highest amounts of Sulforaphane. You can buy the seeds and make your own.  The supplements you can buy are expensive and some that have been tested only contain very low amounts (a lot less than what is claimed on the label).

Dr Rhonda says the broccoli sprouts are more potent once they are frozen. She actually feels like she’s had a coffee after adding them to a shake.

Sulforaphane improves autistic scores by 34% – more information on the NHS website here.

Sulforaphane is very potent and effect at slowing down and preventing cancer cells from spreading.

Sulforaphane is a very potent anti-inflammatory. It activates a pathway called NRF2

Bone Broth & Hydrolysed Collagen

Both are great for healing injuries.  There appears to be quite a lot of research to back this up:

Efficacy and tolerance of enzymatic hydrolysed collagen (EHC) vs. glucosamine sulphate (GS) in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis

EHC  (hydrolysed collagen, brand name Colatech®) showed superior improvement over Glucosamine Sulphate in the SF-36 Questionnaire in the Physical Health Index – which measures pain, swelling, range of movement.

You can read this particular study here – but there are a number to be found on Google Scholar

bone broth

bone broth


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