Joe Rogan Experience – Jon Jones Episode 880


Notes from memory – please listen to the podcast yourself and let me know if there are any errors below:

Jon talks about crashing and running off because he had a pipe (I think he called it a ‘bull’?) in his car, for smoking cannabis (witnesses say he also ran back to grab a load of cash – allegedly – not sure how reliable the NYpost is).

Jones says he wasn’t clear headed and only had a few hours sleep before driving.

He says he used to go and party a lot. He would buy everyone drinks. His phone would be constantly ringing at the start of the weekend. Doesn’t mention cocaine. He drinks Red Bull when he goes out now.

Jon says he used to smoke a lot of weed, but doesn’t want to do it anymore

Jon says he will consider going for the heavyweight belt at some point

Jon says he is loving training more BJJ

Jon says he took an “off-brand Cialis” which he got from a teammate.

Jones says he didn’t know he couldn’t take or had to disclose the Cialis to USADA. Says he took viagra before without any issues.

Jon says he used to get drunk before fights.


Joe takes his side on the drug test and the cialis, suggesting that his 12 month ban was unreasonable.

Jon makes the logical fallicy – ad hominem – suggesting that people shouldn’t criticise or question him because they are no better. Joe Rogan challenges him on this.

Jon thinks that God won’t give him a son until his is mentally mature enough – he has 4 girls 

Personal Note –
Jones didn’t admit to messing up, just externalised ownership for all his problems or made excuses like “I wasn’t clear headed”. I still warmed to him in the podcast, he seems a decent guy – who wouldn’t go a bit wild with fame and admiration so young?

He tested positive for Hydroxy-clomiphene and Letrozole. Hydroxy-clomiphene is used by bodybuilders, after a course of steroids to increase Luteinizing Hormone, which in turn allows the body to kickstart it’s own testosterone production which has likely been shut down by the steroids. It’s not normally in cialis tablets.

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