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Lomachenko Training (Footwork, Tennis Ball, Fight IQ)

Lomachenko is an amazing fighter. What’s more interesting however, is his approach to training – using dancing, tennis balls and a range of activities to improve his decision making skills – is the Ukranian boxing champ on his way to … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan – Iron Neck Machine

The Iron Neck is a fantastic machine for building up the muscles in the neck. Used for football, grappling, MMA and rehab-specialists, in can help to improve performance, prevent injury and accelerate recovery from specific injuries. As a (very poor) … Continue reading

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Joe Rogan – Psoas Device

Myofascial Release with Pso-Rite The psoas stretching device that Joe Rogan discusses on one of his JRE episodes, is the pso-rite Someone has also designed a DIY version to save a few $$ÂŁ. You can see the design here. It … Continue reading

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The Healthy “Ginseng” Jiaogulan Tea

What is Jiaogulan tea? Jiaogulan tea, is also known as Gynostemmapentaphyllum. It can be bought from most good health food shops and has a taste similar to green tea. It is native to China where it is often referred to as “Southern … Continue reading

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Cross Training for MMA – Infographic

Cross-training is integral to building overall muscle strength and helping bring your conditioning to the next level. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend in the ring, performing the same moves over and over again will only get you … Continue reading

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The Joe Rogan Neck Hammock

As you may have noticed, everyone who has competed in MMA and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu who goes on the Joe Rogan Podcast, and is over the age of 40 – has extensive spine-problems. Big John McCarthy for example, has had … Continue reading

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How to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck

Summary of How to Get rid of a Stiff Neck Magnesium Oil Infrared Lamp or Sauna Light Stretching Trigger point & Foam Rolling Therapy Kava Kava   A very small amount of Kava Kava in the evenings, then 20 minutes … Continue reading

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Grappling Fundamentals For MMA

Grappling Fundamentals for MMA An If-This-Then-That style approach to grappling. I never want to be stuck in a position thinking “I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing” (which happens a lot) It’s always best to learn basic positions and escapes … Continue reading

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Intrinsic Goals vs Extrinsic Goals – How they can hinder success & happiness

Goals have been associated with sports psychology and general high-achievers for several decades. They’re also inherently tied to personal development and Positive psychology. The type of goal you set is in many ways, as important as the outcome. Coaches and … Continue reading

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Conor McGregor Diet (Practical Guide to Breakthrough Training Plateaus)

Conor is apparently, a fan of the Sirt Food Diet. This diet is high in sirtuin activators, which help prevent diseases related to age and stress (study here). The diet is best know however, for allowing both dark chocolate and red … Continue reading

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